Measuring The Reach of SEO Versus Pay Per Click Advertising

There are a lot of people arguing over the power of SEO in light of PPC campaigns. The two are major branches in the terms of internet marketing, and some swear that one will trump the other. This is a constant battle with certain marketing firms, with many talking about how investing in a certain marketing strategy could lead to higher leads, click through rate, and conversions. When discussing ROI, you’ll want to measure both sides of the coin, but you don’t want to isolate just one.

Before you decide to go with either one, it’s important to define the power of each component in terms of reach for your business. Whether you’re working in affiliate marketing or you have a small business that needs traction with organic traffic, the two elements of marketing could in fact be a powerful way to generate interest. Keeping with that idea, consider the following comparison and move forward with what works best for your needs.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

seo-vs-ppcSearch engine marketing is huge, and it’s making each platform a lot of money. Marketers are using the existing ad networks to leverage successful campaigns of paid traffic. The way this works is simple. You bid for keywords and phrases that you want displayed whenever someone searches. Your listings (ads) will be placed above and to the right of all search queries before and after the sponsored posts. The goal here is to circumvent the SEO process and get people to click through and engaged straightway.

The cost is nominal, and can be as low as 1 cent per click. That means you could get 100 visitors for every 1 dollar you spend. If you were to scale that out, you could see 10,000 some odd hits for a low cost. Getting that kind of ROI with SEO alone is tough, but not impossible. The reason why internet marketing professionals sometimes favor this is simple, it takes a lot longer to implement optimization strategies and see proper ROI. The downside here is obvious, however. You are going to be spending a lot of money and crossing your fingers in terms of conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

The notion that SEO is dead is wrong. Search engine optimization is alive and well and it plays nicely with all other aspects of marketing that you can do online. You will have to balance things out however, as you will not be able to just focus on this section of the proverbial pie. The reason why this is an important aspect of your organic traffic needs is because it creates trust between you and the end user. When a person is searching for specific information, they trust the first 3 listings that are presented in the queries opposed to sponsored listings.

Millions of people using search engines right now, ignore PPC ads and utilize the listings that are given to them up front more often than not. If you ignore this sort of implementation, you will be missing out on the organic traffic that has been proven to convert well, due in large part to the trust that these listings help people get up front. The one thing to remember about using this methodology is simple, it takes time. You are going to have to wait for a while to see any sort of ROI. You will not see it immediately after launching, and that can have people concerned.

The Best Practices in Internet Marketing

If you have a website that you want to market, and you need traffic for a number of reasons, you need to go with both of these. SEO builds your long term trust and organic listings, but pay per click campaigns give you immediate satisfaction. Internet marketing is about many different elements working together, and these two are neck and neck in terms of usage. Balancing both is a way to ensure that you get as much attention as possible.

4 Elements of A Good SEO Firm You Should Know Before Hiring One

There are a lot of ways that you can figure out how to market your website. No matter what type of website you want to update today, you are going to need a helping hand in delivering traffic to it. Don’t assume that you can just pull together any old solution and get moving forward in the right arena. In fact, you are going to need a lot more than just a website to get traffic. In the past, you could definitely see your page get a lot of attention without having to deal with a great amount of pieces. Some sites were getting published and immediately seeing a large influx of traffic and hits from a variety of sources. At the end of the day, however, you’re going to find that you will need to focus on professional elements to move forward within the world of internet marketing. Hiring a good SEO Firm is a good thing. When you hire someone to build your collateral, you will end up going through a variety of changes that are absolutely going to help you gain a big push.

Proven Results

SEO FirmThe first thing that you need to understand about hiring someone is that they should have results. If they do not have any proven results, you are going to end up losing out on the future. Focusing on proven results, you should look into marketing that is going to pay off over time. There’s too many people that focus on the right pieces, and end up losing out in the realms of this platform. Focusing on the proven results, you should work through the pages that they have, otherwise, you are going to end up paying for services that may not pay off dividends. Too often, people trust companies to work on optimization and end up with little to no results. That’s not a good thing, so focus on that as you move forward.

White Hat Techniques

The number one thing that you should be looking at when you are thinking about hiring a SEO Firm is whether or not they are using white hat or black hat techniques. If you do not look at this, you could end up dealing with the wrong elements of marketing. When you are working within the framework of internet marketing, you need to make sure that you are building on the right pieces of information and you are not involved with anything that could end up penalizing your page. There are real penalties out there and you’re going to end up losing out, so don’t allow yourself to lose sight of the bigger picture here, make sure that white hat techniques are in fact the elements that you end up working with overall.

High Rankings

When looking at hiring anyone to build on the right marketing collateral, make sure that you are working with high ranking sites. Every single website in the world should be indexed, but only the best are at the top of search collateral. When you are looking into this, make sure that you seek out resolution that is going to deliver on a lot of traffic and the site that you work with is ranked high. If you find that the company you are going to hire isn’t ranked high within keywords that are relegated to their own industry, then something is wrong. No matter how great they say they are, they should be found with proven search results, otherwise, what’s the point?

Short Term and Long Term Campaigns

Perhaps one of the more elusive elements that you are going to have to deal with is found here. You will need to find a way to make sure that you are working with short term and long term campaigns as a whole. When you work out on this element you are going to end up with a good overall position of traffic. You want to make sure that the company you’re working with is going to implement short term options that will deliver traffic in a fast paced manner, and something that is going to be given to you in a long term fashion as well. Both options are important and will definitely give you a semblance of focus on the greater good that comes from marketing collateral as a whole. If you do not have these two working together, you will end up losing market share, guaranteed.

At the end of the day, only one thing matters here, and that’s whether or not you are able to gain leverage through a variety of marketing elements. If you want to establish the right elements and you want to gain the upper hand in regards to the marketing world, you need to have results in place. If you don’t see results from the SEO Firm that you hire, walk away and find someone else. A professional company should not be taking your money and delivering lackluster results. No results are better than some in many ways, so that you are able to gauge whether or not you are getting what you paid for, that’s for sure. Take focus on hiring someone and follow up on what they are delivering.

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